Reservation Policy

Please be aware, The Victoria building is over 175 years old. As such it features a steep stone staircase to access the upper floor where the bedrooms are situated and because of this may not be suitable for those with mobility impairments or very small children. Additionally, whilst there is level access throughout the ground floor, the building does not have a disabled access WC or baby changing facilities. As we are a traditional Yorkshire Dales pub we do not have television sets in our letting bedrooms. We do however offer free WiFi, and there is plenty of good conversation to be had at the bar!

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation made within 48 hours of the scheduled arrival time for the booking will incur a cancellation fee amounting to one (1) night's stay charged at that room's rate, and this fee is charged per room booked.


Please see the below example:

X books two rooms, Airton and Calton, for 3 nights. The nightly rate for Airton is £85 and the nightly rate for Calton is £100, so the total value of this booking is (3 x £85 = £255) + (3 x £100 = £300) = £555. X cancels this booking within 48 hours of the time they are due to arrive, and so they incur a charge of (1 x £85) + (1 x £100) = £185

Pet Policy

If you are bringing a pet with you during your stay please take a moment to read over our Pet Policy, detailed below. By accepting this policy you agree to these terms and any applicable charges or penalties that may be incurred if any of these terms are not kept by you. Refusal to agree to these terms on commencement of your stay will result in your booking being cancelled and any applicable cancellation fees being charged.

  1. You agree to accept full responsibility for any and all damages and/or soiling caused by your pet during your stay. You understand that the cost of repair or additional cleaning required (including labour) will be charged solely to you.

  2. You agree that you are solely responsible for your pet during your time at The Victoria. Your pet must be supervised at all times, must not be left alone in the rooms and should be kept on the lead or otherwise under control when in communal areas of the building. If your animal is left unsupervised, causes a disturbance and must be removed then any costs associated with this removal will be covered by you.

  3. When out walking in the local area your pet MUST be kept on the lead AT ALL TIMES. It is a criminal offence under The Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953 to allow a dog under your control to worry livestock on agricultural land.

  4. If as a result of barking, crying or other misbehaviour your pet disturbs other guests during their stay, The Victoria reserves the right to refuse your accommodation and request that you vacate the premises immediately. Fair warning will be given only once, and a second warning may lead to eviction without refund.

  5. If as a result of misbehaviour or lack of supervision your pet threatens or causes harm to a member of staff or a member of the public, The Victoria reserves the right to evict you and all pets immediately without refund. Where appropriate, the Police and/or the RSPCA may also be contacted.